Cedars Day 5

A quaint life this ― as quaint as that of last year at St. Leonards. ――― Rose before 6; ― & a little Greek, ― & work on S. Sabbas till 8.15. The view is so lonely & glorious from this window, that that alone is worth 2.2.0.

After breakfast at 9.55 went to the “Temple,” ― & got my canvass out at once: but I was obliged to return to the Hotel ἐξ ἀιτίας φυσικὰς.1 When I came back, the wind had become cold & high, & the place I had fixed on was in shade: so I got thoroughly chilled. After 2.30 I could work no more, so had the picture taken in: & there worked till 4.30. [Judness] knows if it will turn out well. ― ―

After witch, ― I walked through Weybridge ― very pretty cottage old scenes; & returned by 6.

Dinner, livelier: sat next to McMahon A.D.C. ― the pleasing Queen like girl opposite. Afterwards various talk. ―――――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. By natural causes (NB). []