Dull gray. Rose before 7. Wrote to Macbean & other 6. At 10 ― breakfast ― but thoroughly chilled by cold damp. Many went to church, but I not ―: sate, & walked with C.F. & H.J.G. ― & later, Lady W. came out & the 2 doggies. How well she looked ― tho’ not so ― for she has had a bad throat. ― Later came H.R.H. of Paris: ― & then Wardlaw, talk & walk till lunch. All merry enough. ― After, C.F., H.J.G. & I walked to the cottage at Knavestock1 ― but it was dreadfully cold & gloomy damp. Genl. & Mrs. Malcolm & I sate indoors ― & at one time I walked about with Mrs. M. ― Then there was tea, & little Constance B. And at 6 all went back, G. & I walking. Some of his stories are good. Μίαν φορὰν, μία νέα κυρία ˇ[τις] ερώτισε ἀπὸ τὴν Κωμιτὶσσαν, ― διά ἕν βιβλίον του ὁποίου επροσταχθῆ οτι δεν εμπορούσε ― (ιγουν η νεα κυρια,) τὸ διαβάση. ―― Ποτὲ ἐμπορῶ νὰ τὸ λέγω; ――― ἀποκριθή ἡ Κωμιτισσα ―― “Ὅταν θὰ ἔχεις τρία συζυγούς.”2

After dinner I sang a good deal, & there were Question games.

Μίαν φοράν, νέα κυρία (ἡ κοπέλλα) τις ἐρώτισε ἀπὸ τὴν Κωμιτίσσαν διὰ ἕν βιβλίον, τὸ ὁποῖον ἐπροσταχθῆ ὅτι δὲν ἔμπορούσε νὰ τὸ διαβάση.3

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Navestock. []
  2. One day, a young lady asked the Countess about a book she had been toold she could not read. “When can I read it?” And the Countess replied: “When you are on husband number three” (Nina Bouri). []
  3. One day, a young lady (the girl) asked the Countess about a book she had been told she could not read. []