Slept ill: indigestion ― & tendency to sore throat.


Very fine all day, but the real winter chill seems to have taken possession of me. …… Rose at 7. Wrote to Cramer &c. ― & after post, which brought a nice letter from Mrs. Musters, ― to her, Ann, & P. Coombe. C.M. Church came to breakfast ― he is ever the same good Charles Church ― but years of Theology work their wills.

After he went I sorted drawings till 2: & worked at the oil Damascus till 4.30. Then to P. Williams, in a cab: he is better, & always cheerful. Miss ― I don’t remember her name, ― was bathing his eye, so for once I liked her: or “tolerated” her: ― and Gibson was there: & later, absurd Severn. ―

Came home, & found James Edwards ― but he was not in one of his good moods poor fellow: ― his “relazioni” with his father are sad enough. ― He walked with me towards the Strand, but could not dine. I, then, returning alone, dined at the Blue Posts wholly alone ―. Read of the defeat of Lamoricière & the altogether upside down-ness of Italian matters.

After having written this, Beadon asked me over there ― & lo! there was Henry Bruce ― (Sir T. Abdy & others ―).

Virtuously, I dressed & went ― & was glad to see Beadon better, & Bruce anyhow. ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]