7XY ― Relapse, horrid indigestion. ―

Breakfast at 8.30. Young ossifer of 83rd ― goosy.

At 10.30 walked out to Stoke ― & Kingly Vale.

There is  no prettier walk in England methinx. These old good trees ― & the subtle=delicate slopes of the down hillwood in the shade & shrub-studded ― the 2 Kings tombs crowning. ―― Those years! ― Something unearthly of feeling used to pervade this place years ago ― but now there are rifle butts ― & various signs of modern life. Nevertheless the trees are much the same as when J. Sayres took me there from Midhurst in 1832 or thereabouts.

Drew a bit ― & I wish I could come down to paint ― but at 12 it began again to rain & rained hard all the rest of the day till now ― 6 P.M. ― There were 2 other young men at this dinner ― & one was pleasant ― t’other a mute  young sinner. ―― At 3 to the Cathedral ― which is under repair ― & the Choir not used. But the whole nave was full ― Dr. Rook (as Mrs. Hives used to say) being very popular. The Hanthem (as old Calkins was wont to say ―) pleased me ― Mozart. ― But I was a little disappointed with Arthur [J].E.’s father-in-law’s discourse. ― Too much “brethren,” & “Jeeesus” & affection ― for my particular tastes.

Dined alone at 6.30. A most comfortable inn is this: ― cookery good ― & attendance ― fussless & proper: nor are the rooms fusty musty. ― But I have a fire ― [].

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]