A really fine day all through, & a happy. ―

Rose at 5. The deer & those [tall] trees!! ― Worked at C.M.C.’s Dead Sea, till 8.45. Prayers ― μακρη ειναι η θρεσαια εδω.1

Breakfast merry & pleasant. Mary Chester is going to be married to one Phitzgerald ― who must at least be a sensible fellow, & I should think a good one. ― 10.30 to 12 showed Palestine views with much “acclaim.” Walked at 12 to Mr. Legge ― saw Mrs. Howards & other portraits by Edwin Long. ― On to Leatherheadd. Poor Ellen: ― dined with her. ― Letter from Mrs. Smith of Charmath enclosing one from poor Mary; she speaks well of Charles [] Street, & says little of Boswell: ― I hope she may return: ― walk back by 4 ― & worked till 5. Walk with W. Legge. ― showed drawings again to him & Barbara Chester ― & sang Idyll songs to her. Dinner pleasant. The Curate ― additional.

Evening ― sang a good deal ― και καλα.2

Αυτη η ημερα επαρανε παραπολυ καλα: και επιθυμω οτε εμπουρουσα να παρασω αλλας τοιοτας.3

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Long / far is the []. []
  2. And well. []
  3. This provincial day [was] good: and I do not wish to trade []. []