Rose before 6. Heavy rain. 7 breakfast; vastly orderly all.

Rev. Llewellyn Griffith (Γρίφιθ) with me, & at 7.35 we went off. Rev. L.G. is a curious man, Kingsley fashion; ― & enthusiastic, with a wife & 4 children, at a curacy in Oxfordsh. We talked amain, & he came to 15 Stratford Pl. & away with a book for his child. ― Letters from Taylor, Baring, Farquhar, Bell, & others. Wrote till 12. Slept. Finished Potter’s Palermo!!!!! ― & Jameson’s Campagna!! ― But declined doing more to H. Farquhar’s Parnassus ― a horrid bore to me. Accounts from the East, terrible. ―

Later, worked at outlines of Masada & Cedars.

Then went to Soho Square about Mrs. Edwards’s Hobbima. ― At 6 dressed & J. Edwards came. ―

6.40 ― to Friths. Rain, all of a sudden.


Alack. Τι εμπορω να ει πω;1 ― the Belgian singer next me was fun, so far as lingo talking makes fun.

The Monsr. her uncle ― opposite ― talking of mediums & ghosts & murders & horrors ― & “all the land was dark.”

Poor Mrs. F. ―――! little Willie not improved: ― Cecil ― who never was improvable. ― And good faithful Susan, ― I asked after her, ― is dead: 2 years ago: ― she died of tumour, & after a long time in hospital, at her mother’s. ― She was a good girl. ― Poor Mrs. F. is very true & downright, & does her best. The talk of Egg’s marriage is doleful: also from J. Philip ― a stolid Scotchman. ― The Belgian sang, & Rozier played. ― I got home by 12.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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