Fine: pale sun. Breakfast alone, & at 9 to Waterloo St. Weybridge by 10. Cab or Fly to Mr. Hewitson’s, where the Cedars are really magnificent. Mr. H. was out, but I walked in the gardens, & met a Mr. Lyle, of the next house,who showed me his Cedars, & they were better still. Mr. L. says Charles Lushington is the Vicar of the Parish, ― & J. Lewis lives close by. I then went to the Oatland Hotel ― & saw rooms &c. ― & then at 1― back to Mr. Hewitsons, who, it turns out, is he of Newcastle, & through Mrs. Wentworth, a subscriber to my Parrots. His stuffed birds, & cabinets of butterflies are wonderfully fine: ― & some good drawings there are also.

Lunch: & he asked me to stay there altogether ― but I don’t know what to say to that yet. At 2, walked to Weybridge Station, & from 2.30 to 3.10, waited for the train, in wh. was W. Nevill ― & so we got to Godalming whence we drove to Langham Cottage. Miss Robinson, Hugh, Allan, Mary & Guy there: we walked about: it is a quiet nook, but too confined for me to like it much.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]