Rose at 8. No servant to be got at. Walked to Station. Rail to town by 9½ & at Stratford Pl. by 10.

Dreadful accounts from the Lebanon.


Comfortless waste!


Worked suddenly at a sketch for the Cedars of Lebanon.

At 6pm came Mrs. Frith & 2 children & Mrs. F. Stone.

Mrs. F. poor woman was ― “as she is” ― as Ισμήνη says to her father “ἔις ουπέρ ἐιον.” The vegetating Royals suppose all like themselves, & pity those who “they hear nothing of.”

Bonham & Mrs. B. Carter, & their 2 little sons came afterwards, & that visit was far more agreable.

At 6½ to Wyatts ― where were Dr. & Mrs. Thurnam, ― a Mr. Nurse of the Cape ― & Miss Matthias! how many years that brings back to the Whitechapel Rectory ― & the long long walks with a folio, heavy & large. ― Mrs. M. was always very kind to me. In the evening were the Digbys ― & after I had sung a great deal came C. Landseer ― who, as I was not in the most Academic mood, riled me by calling me “Leach.”


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]