Rose at 7 & wrote notes. ― Fine day.

At 9¼ Daddy came ― very poorly with a dreadful cold got at Oxford, where those unthinking selfish fools have worried him to death. Ditto the Trevelyans in Northumbeland.

He had to go at 10½ ― to answer a note from the Gladstones ― sent last night late ― asking to see his pictures this morning. ― At 12.30 to Rail, & waited till 1.30: at Twickenham by 2. Large lot of folk at lunch, Col. & Lady C. Harcourt, Lady G. Grey, Cheney, Lady Truro, Count & Lady Bernstoff, Granville & Lady Selina Vernon, C.F., there, with Mr. H. & Lady W., myself, & ‘Poodle Byng’ ― made 14. & in the evening came Lord & Lady Clanricarde, Lord & Lady Shelbourne, Duke & Duchess D’Aumâle, some french man, & the Swiss Minister.

The gardens were lovely, ― later we all drove to Lord John Russells, whom we all saw: also Arthur R. ― also C. Newton is back. Returned. Walk in Garden, & long talk with C.F. Dined with him in the little room. Evening in the Gallery.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]