Fine. ωσαν καλος καιρος.1

Began to work, & did a good deal towards finishing the Dead Sea ― only by fits. For first came good old Ellis Ashton & then ― Jemmy Edwards & Mr. Maclean; later C. Fortescue, ― & after that W. Nevill Junior. ――

At 5 I went out ― & to R. Academy, where I saw little I cared for. Dillon’s Nile, ― CookeLehmann, & Hook.

Returning ― met W.P. Frith. το αποιον πραγμα εκαμε επαναζοιν τι να εις την καρδιαν μου.2

At 7.30 to Mr. Norths. Bonham Carter & Mrs. B.C. Mr. & Mrs. Headlam, & Mr. Robertson of Hastings ― & a Mr. & Mrs. Marsh. ―The dinner was excellent, & the party wholly pleasant. Marsh only was dogmatic & quacky ― assuring me that Baalbek was the port of Thebes ― & on the Red Sea, ― which as he would have it so, I assented to. ― Later we  looked at drawings, & I sang a lot of Tennyson.

Home by 12.30. ―― Very pleasant evening.

Said Mr. N. ― “my brother in law, David, says you’re a damned good fellow ― & I quite agree with him.”


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. [?] good weather (GT). []
  2. Perhaps something like “everything makes me think of what I have in my heart.” []