Slept, or “didn’t sleep” ― particularly ill. ― Rose before 8 ― all energy about rising here is folly. ― Took some tea, & penned out Porto Venere till 10½ ― when Bright came. ― At 11 C. Fortescue, when we two breakfasted: C.F. is always unchangeably good & gentle. ― At 12 he went. ― Then I penned out again more or less. F.L. coming in, & a second time at 3½. At 4 ― Bus to city ― but feeling unwell: went to see 2 pictures of Jerusalem by [Selders] ― horrors. ― Then to Temple, & F.’s rooms; having first seen his Volunteer Corps Manœvering. His rooms, ― wh. I had never been in ― strangely recalled past years: ― the same objects & similarly placed. ― At 6¼, he, I, & Benj. Grey went to L. Bridge ― & meeting K. Macaulay there ― all to Greenwich. The others at the dinner, wh. was Chapman’s, were W.G. Clark, & W. Lushington. Dinner very oppressive to me ― & the evening dull outside ― with rain. Rejoiced to go away. ― Rail at 11 to town.

Bus to Stratford Place. ―

Τα καλα πραγματα της ζωης μας ολα, βεβαια, ετελειωθη σαν. Και δεν εμπορου πουν θα επι ζεψουν πωλε!1

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. More or less, according to Google Translator: “the good things of life have, of course, all been accomplished (ετελειωθη, from James 2.22). And no merchant would say to sell [].” []