Slept amain, ― 12 hours nearly, heels sore from mended hose, ― otherwise, well. Coffee, ― & at 6½, G. & I off. Beach, very fishy & netty, not clean: far ruins beautiful. To the home & Gardens of Marchese Chiuma ˇ[Chiuma] of Genoa, ― which latter are really most exquisite. I do not remember ever to have seen such a mass of beautiful pines together, except perhaps near Thebes in Greece. ― And the opposite coast, tho’ the lines of hill are not beautiful as at Spezzia, are lovely from their colour, like Vesuvius, with infinite dots of villas. ― I drew a good deal here, tho’ G. said, “meglio se si tagliava questi e vi metteva degl’olivi.”1 ― Afterwards I went up to the Capuchin church, & drew again, but it is not very desirable thence. ― Έπειτα,2 came to breakfast at the Hotel Europa (which stands in a garding, & is dilapidacious to see, with many stuffy rooms ―) at 10-10½.


Slept ― 11 to 12. ―

The brightness, & the blueness, & the greeness, & the freshness, & the flies.

In the afternoon, drew on the beach, ― very hot, & little to draw. Tired: & dined at 6. ― Heaps of purple came ― ˇ[“& the sun fell] ― & all the Fun was full.”3 ― Drew, again till dark. Walked with a young Engineer Civil ― & to bed at 9.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. It would have been better to cut these down to plant olives here. []
  2. Then. []
  3. A parody of Tennyson’s recurring line “And the sun fell, and all the land was dark” from “Dora.” []