Dear me! what queer nasty days these are. ―

Cloudy as usual ― but not raining. ― Went to Macbeans.

Lamoricière’s address ――――.

Gloom & bother. ― Back, & worked at “Beirût,[”] more or less all day, till 4½. … Then I called on Newton, ― (out), ― & on R. Cholmondeley, & on poor Coleman. …

afterwards, walked with Cholmondeley on the Pincian: ― I find that R.C.’s visit here, is on account of his brother, & that he himself is no-wise pervert or pervertable.

Ἔπειτα,1 walked in the Borghese, solo: the wind has changed, & it is fine, & they say St. P.r is to be illuminated.

Dined alone at 7. ― G. Very sulky poor fellow. ―

But when I found that the street & Pincian were all illuminated, & spoke to him, he was particular cross & savage: & he ought not to be so.

Later, R. Cholmondeley came, & told me much of his poor brother: & I am now sorry I did not see more of R.C. before. ― It seems to me, one had better pack up & go home. ―

A very hateful place.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Then. []