Even in such bad weather, one feels some benefit from going out of Rome. ― Screwed down all 7 boxes of pictures; ― went to Macbeans ― & saw Jervoise & Macan. ― … Very close & dull ― & rain now & then.

There seem to be [] εις τον Παλερμον.1 ― Returned, to pack the case finally, wh. contained 12 paintings, more or less complete, ― a folio of sketches on paper, ― F.L.’s pistol, 5 canvasses, 10 books, a capote, 2 of Χτο’s olive bookslides, ―― & various other matters. At 5 I grew παραπολυ κουρασμενος2 & went to P. Williams’s ― he ever hard at work, on his singularly interminable repetitions. Yet, ― so long has he resided in view of Rome & its scenery, that his representations of the Campagna always attract me, ― painfully mannered as is his mode of painting those. ―― He walked with me, unwillingly ― a little way out of P. Pia: “hard task for those” who are sick of walls: ― however, one must live & let live. ―― But, so truly do I loathe Rome, that I could well give up 300£ tomorrow so I were out of it for ever!

Dined alone.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. [] in the Palermo. []
  2. Extremely tired (GT). []