Always fine now, & fires only morning & evening.

Worked, but only off & on ― at one of the 3 Parnassi.

To Macbeans. Times stopped. Everything ugly. ―

Benouville came ― sad & worried: but a nice fellow

Macan ― (I regret saying looking very unwell,) Lord Dunglass & his brother ― came. ― (& I found F. Stanley had been, & wrote to him thereby.) ― Afterwards came “Freddy” ― not grown very tall ― but “giusto”1 as Giorgio says. ― Too like his mother ― but yet with much ― to me, very interesting in his face. In manner he had some of the stiffness of Stanley=Skelmersdale, but was evidently kindly, & wishing to do well. ― He sate nearly an hour, ― after I went on working, & my general impression was that the Hornby=Stanley predominated, over the Skel., altogether now & then that obtrudes itself ― only however by a fancied link of look. ― His account of Pæstum &c. ― were all lively & boyish enough, & I do not perceive anything of the talent of his brother, unless he be of a concealing turn of mind ― though he said nothing but what was sensible. Altogether I am extremely pleased with his visit ― grandson of dear kind Lord Derby as he was.

Eh ―― days of Knowsley!

So, then came 3 Martins & a friend, ―― & then 3 Storys, & then Mr. Watts the Curate chaplain, & lastly Bessie & A. Bertie Mathews: ― all seem to like the paintings extremely, but it is hard to say, if better on account of their qualities, or that they care for the Painter, or that, caring for neither painter nor paintings, they cannot help liking that wh. is not usually to be seen. ――― At 6 walked to the Pincian ― & home to dine.

[They] say, George is recalled: ―――


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Just right. []