Of course, ― rain again. ―

After weekly accounts & G.’s lesson ― worked a bit at the P. Molle painting.

At 12 ordered another passo di legna,1 & called on Newton, & at Macbean’s, where I read papers. ―

Back, & worked again, rather well: letter from S.W. Clowes, answered it. ― Col. Bowen came ― 3 to 4.

4½ to P. Williams, & walked with him to S.M. Maggiore &c. ― we agree as to coming events. The Carnival Loggia was all written over with “Legni per gli Barricadi”2 &c. &c. this morning, & it is said there is to be none. Alone on Pincian: gray & gloomy. 8 to Knights, Charles, & Helen, ― Monsignor Pentini, ― D.F. Chigi, the 2 Bertie Mathews, & Karristy. All there had never met all together since 1843, & 1844 ― 16 years ago. Pentini was as ever, kindly & good, ― but did not recognize me all thro’ dinner, tho’ very much interested about Terra Santa ―: afterwards, being shown the “Book of Nonsense,” he suddenly became enlightened, ― but partially confounded me with Abeken,3 & asked after my “Leone & Scimia.” ―

He is scarcely aged. ―― Karristy is the most so appearing 60. T. Chigi I never cared for nor liked ― & is or may be 260 years old. ― Altogether the dinner & evening were extremely pleasant. ― Later, played & sang to Isabella.

Mrs. Caldwell also came in.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. A passo of wood. The passo is about 5,250 m3. []
  2. Wood for the barricades. []
  3. Probably Wilhelm Ludwig Abeken, an archeologist who was also in Italy in the years around 1837. []