Very cloudy & dark.

Went to church: not above 150 there.

Walked back by the Babuino, ― reminding me by its dampness & muddiness of 1837-8. Called on P. Williams, who would not walk. Returned & wrote a bit. ― But this gloom & disgust of Rome is absolutely more than I can bear. So, as it became fine, I could not remain in, but called on the Storey’s ― & sate some time with Mrs. S.: whose conversation is very pleasant. They asked me to dine next Sunday. ―――― Then I called on Story ― who is intelligent but very violent. Talk of American politics: little of this place.

Thence I went to the Borghese, & walked round it, wondering how I could ever have thought it pleasant or beautiful.

Dressed, & dined at the Macbeans, where, I must say, the whole evening was pleasant. The 2 M.s Col. & Mrs. G. Mr. Bilton Coleridge, O’Brien & myself. Dinner & wine good.

Afterwards, Mr. Coleridge sang, well: ― but it was “science.” Not to be a churl, I sang ― “too late.” ― but it was a bore to me to do so. ― Some demonstration took place, while we dined, of “popolo” to the French.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]