Paid Carpet man. 5 scudi. ― Paid Spillman.

Happily slept well. ― Breakfast at the filthy Cafe Greco. ugh! ― How can men be so disgusting!

Then, returning ― (having first of all lighted fire &c. &c. ―) I worked at the oil sketch of Palermo.1 ―― Tyrwhitt came in , a kindly nice fellow ― & then the Rev. Cheales, also very nice: ― & somewhat like dear Jemmy Edwards. ― But I cannot open to, or harmonize, with anyone just now.

It rained & was gloomy: & I was irritable beyond bounds.

At 2½ I went to Macbeans, though I knew there could be no news. The Malta=Naples boat was in, ― but it was hardly possible that George could have come by that. ― (I was enraged at such rotten people as Paine &c.) Newton was there also, & I wished he could take these rooms. ― After that I went to the Post ―: the Naples diligence they say ― [αυτα τα γουρουνια λεγουν]2 ― should be in this afternoon. ― After which I walked in the Borghese solus ― & saw Miss Cushman, which I think a good woman. ― Then I went once more to the Post, but no Diligence. ― & then to the Belli Arti where was Williams: ― dined ― how queer & nasty are these places! ― & came away at 7.

Alone, went to the Post again. No diligence.

I came home then half debating on “sacrificing” things here, & going. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Circled and connected by an arrow to “little Palermo” in the previous entry, which in turn is connected to the note of 6 December. []
  2. These pigs say (GT). []