Letters from Ann, & Fortescue.

Very mild, & warm & gray. ― Came away from the Angleterre ― & resolved to remain in this old house. So I lighted a fire, drew water & made my bed; ― & luckily, Tyrwhitt came in & looked at drawings.

Then I put with colour a little Palermo,(°) ― & that took me till 2: when I went to Macbeans: ― no tidings of George yet: ― 2 boats come tomorrow, but I do not believe he will come by either. On Thursday there is a diligence, which might bring him, if he is not ill. And on Friday a letter should come from Iggaldens. If nothing turns up, I think I shall go down to Naples on Sunday.

A walk with Williams: & at 6, dined at the Hotel: ― Dr. Kennedy is wondrous: his “Pane se vi piace!”1  ―― is delightful. ―

Came home at 9 ― & went to bed. ―

(°)(December 6th 1860.

To day this same “little Palermo” was bought by C.S. Fortescue.)

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “Bread, please!” []