Wrote to Ann, C.F.F.L.C.M.C.W.H.H. & S.W.C.

The Chisholm went away. ― I, at 12 ― took a “billet” in the Quirinale. ― & then walked round the new port. Very fine day, but far more wind than I like, & sea too. ― Returned at 2 & packed up. ― Dined solo at 4. A Russian Prince ― Tradbetsky & an English gent & lady at the table d’hôte: the latter I seem to have seen before. ― At 7 I took a fiacre & came to the “Quirinale.” ― Berth at end of the Steamer & very horrid. ― But the wind is high & dreadful to look onward to, so at 10, I went to bed. O! Lord! how I repented doing so at 10½ ― by wheel we had left the harbour. Bowels, stomach, toes, mind, liver, ―― all mixed together, it does not seem to me that actual death can be more horrible! ― All became dark & terrific alas! ― as I counted those dreadful moments hour after hour till the light went out. ― The shrieks & hysterics & vomitings all round were most fearful, as the wind increased & the sea was fearful.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]