Very nice letters from C. Wynne, & Simeon. ― At 9¼ ― F.L. came & breakfasted. Talk mostly of the Bassæ affair. ―

Let us be glad anything is preserved ― but ― how much is gone “for ever”! ― which I write, remembering Corfû days. ―

After F. went, I wrote ― & packed: ― & at 2 took 110£ ― the remainder of Edwards’s money ― to Drummond’s. ― Then I called on Maclean ― had hair cut ― &c. ― Back to Stratford Place, & to Twickenham rail by 4½. Immense rain ―: day had been dry. Am writing this at Strawberry Hill. ― The accounts of poor W. Newsom by a letter from Ann, are worse. ―

C.F. came in as I was dressing: he does not seem well. At dinner were Mr. H. ― Ward B. ― & a Miss Bolton, an elderly spinster Aunt. ― I am readily bore often, ― but was unwell & cold, & so more so than usual. After dinner, the Library being warmer I got better ― & looked over various illustrations of H. Walpole. ― At 11 C.F. came to my room, & we had a good deal of talk.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]