Gloomy ― but not cold. ― The breakfast at Woodberry is most distressing ―: Willie is more horribly bearish than it is possible to conceive. ― At 9¾ we left in the Brougham, W.N. Geoff & I. Kindest of human beings is dear old Will Nevill ― but he cannot look forward to confort from those boys.

Stratford Place by 11. ― Nice letters from Lady StanleyMrs. Clive, Mr. G. Scrivens, Mrs. Howard, Lord Clermont & T. Hamilton. The Bassæ Septuagint really seems to go ahead. Morning in making out accounts. Mr. Sayer called ― & J. Uwins: the latter has taken rooms in Albany St. ―

Went to Drummond’s. & left 140£ there. Then to Foords, where I saw the Bassæ ― & poor old Mr. Goddard. ― Then to Hansen’s ― & back. ― “Selected” drawings to take to Rome till 5 or 6. Dinner & tea together. ――

Wrote, & looked over papers till 9 or 10.

Could not sleep.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]