Up at 5½. Wrote Judea journal. At 7½ ― breakfast ― when B. Hunt & J. Senior went away. I do not think I have ever known anyone so unselfish as B.H.H. ― I ― off at 8 ― in a fly. ― What [Paradise] weather! ― A farm, near the turnpike, with “all things in order stored” was a sight. At the Hook before prayers. Company, as ever there is there, Mr. & Mrs. Freeman ― she Napier, a Mrs. Simpson (Major Keene ―. Mrs. F. was very nice & I was sorry she went after breakfast. She knew the Lushingtons, Carmichaels &c. And Mrs. Simpson knows Lady Duncan, & others. ― I drew all the morning ― an outline of the Campagna picture. Was out of temper ― 1st hearing that the beast Bowen had been at Firla, & had proposed to come to the Hook!!! ― ― Afterwards concerning AT ― but this was owing to last night’s folly. Mr. & Mrs. F. went away: Mrs. S. talked horribly. ― Lunch. ― Wrote to Ann, J. Hornby, & W.N. ― At 4½ walked to [Barham] & returned at 6½ with Mrs. B. ― Dinner only, Major K. ― Mrs. B, Mrs. H.F.B. Mrs. S. & myself. ――

Sang a little later, & to bed by 11.

Truly good people these.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]