Same weather.

Wonderful quiet early because of park: ― up early roaming. ― The trees & deer. Prayers, & breakfast pictures. Mrs. H.’s room. Taormina, Val Montone, & M. del Sorbo. ―― Miss P.’s room 8 drawings. ― Chaise to Epsom, 10½. ― London at 11½ . Arrived letters. Called on Brandling & took 2 drawings there. ― 3. London Bridge ― 6. Baring et alii. ――

Sir R.B. & Wally. ― I unwell & irritable. ― Lady B. uncomfortable. ― Walk before dinner.  ―

I do not know why ― quite ― things are so very sad & oblique here. Poor Lady B. particularly so. After dinner, a frightful discussion about AT ― wherein I lost my temper horridly.

Sir R.B. would read & ridicule “the 2 voices,”  declared, “all fine poetry could never be understood, or interpreted but in one way.”

― On my [mentioning] the Psalms ― he & Lady B. grew very angry ― & declared the Gospels were the finest &c. &c. & on Lord B. going ― he became vastly angry & blew me up ― “Lear, if you grow so testy ― no one will converse with you Lear! ―” “You are quite a breed” on which was perfectly right ― only in the argument he was wholly wrong. ―

Frightful indignation & irritation.


Sad remedy but unavoidable.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]