Very hot & fine all day.

Dickenson put up the pictures.

Alfred & Miss Seymour came.

Worked, as well as light allowed ― at Potter’s Corfû ― but it is miserable work.

At 5 went to Quarritch’s, ― & some few other calls.

At 7¾ to J. Godley’s: ― Lord, & 2 Miss Lyttletons, Mr. & Mrs. ‘A.’ Court, ― John Simeon, ― & later Stafford of N. Zealand ―― the Cocks’s & Wynnes. ― Lord L. told good stories[,] Simeon, heavy & forced. ― Godley good. ― One of Lord L.: ―

A country clergyman, adoring Lord Shaftesbury, came to town on purpose to see him: & went about the H. of C. ― At length, John Ashley was pointed out to him as Ld. S., & he made profuse bows. ― “May I ask if I see the great Earl of S. ―”? at last he stammered.

“― And what the D¬¬――l does it matter if I am the E. of S. or not?” was the iconoclastic reply.

(No country parson fell down in a fit.)

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]