Bad night. ― Rose very late. Fine, but windy. The air here is more pleasant to me that that of Wellow, or Wells ― or Littlegreen. ― After breakfast & newspaper, ― read a good bit of the Petra journals to J.E.C. ― Lunch. ― & afterwards, went with him, in Dogcart through Sir R. Sheffield’s Park to Barton, where was Mr. Sheffield, the Rural Dean ―.― Then, we walked by what they call the Cliff ― a range of Down ― [road] sumptuously overlooking the Trent & Ouse, & Humber, finer river scenery it is impossible to see.


a full[-]fed river ― & other scenes ― very delightful & glorious. Also there were young partridges, νέα ἀρνίθια. We went on to Alkborough, a village, where J. visited a sick clergyman: & then we walked back to Barton ― & drove all the way back again ― by 6½. ― We all 3 walked about till 7. ― Dinner, Roland & Edward Winn: ― & afterwards, ― Mrs. R.W. ― very nice & pleasant. ― It is curious to hear of Woolly, & the Wentworths. Saying a good deal. ― ― Bed at 11.30.


James H. & a friend went to Denmark. In all the stationary shops “Bog=paper” was written up ― to the great shock of their [sentiments].

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]