Before midnight the punchy Colonel go out, at Dijon, & thence we all 3 slept as we might, Victor on the ground. At 4 or 5 we all woke & began to be merry, tho’ the morning was gray & damp, & the endless poplar trees not lovely. I cannot remember any livelier or less painful long rail=journey. By 6.30 we were at Paris: ― Brocchi & the Maharajah, hawks & all. ― Very little time elapsed before we got out all the luggage, & in a little omnibus, set off for the Chemin de Fer de l’Ouest, ― Charmside good-naturedly trying all his best to get me off to Dieppes, whence he said I could perhaps get to Newhaven tonight. And here, Charmside & Victor Marshall left me, & once more I am alone.

Rail, at 8 ― till 11 ― Rouen ― & 1 Dieppe: ― but alas! the Newhaven boat was off at 10½ before , so I had to [Compose] myself to sleep here tonight. After washing, & some Coffee ― I set out at 2.30 ― [gr.]: & bye & bye met with a youth who had come in the same train. He had been 3 years in Rome & was a student in the English College there. He, as everyone else, seemed to have been pleased with H.R.H. the P. of W. who visited the English, Scotch, & Irish R.C. Colleges ― very rightly. We 2 walked to above the Castle, & onto other heights, whence the view was really lovely, & I had no idea Dieppe was  so pretty a place. ― All the green tufty fruitful Normandy has been a pleasure to me. ― Returning to the town we saw same of the ivory carvings &c., & then the Cathedral, wh. is very fine. ― Came to the Hotel Victoria to write this at 4. Rainy & dull weather, but, far better so than windy. A table=d’hôte, at which there was more pleasing than otherwise ― but, it rained afterwards, & I knew not what to do. So I went to the Cathedral, & sat out all the Vespers with real pleasure ― for, no one shall make me think there is no real & good piety in this people. ― The music too was quite sweet. ― Back to the Hotel, & semi=supped; converse, διὰ Vandevelde & other subjects, with 2 individdler

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]