Rose at 6 ― not very well. Got G.’s ticket, & went on board the Quirinal with my luggage. Returned to Rolandi’s to breakfast, & then walked with good excellent Γεώργιος in the avenue, wh. he calls “Πανάθεισος.” At 10.30 he took me on board my ship, & left me ―: but long before one, when we quitted the harbour, the good fellow was at the prow of his Malta boat, & watched & waved his hat till we turned beyond the Port. ― God bless Gio. Kokali for his constant goodness & attention to me, & may he be always happy: a better man, & more kind & faithful servant cannot be.

The ship was full. 200 F. soldiers ―, artillery, going to Genoa. Herberts, Maharajah Dhuleep Sing, (with Hawks & quails & Arabs ―) Brocchi his Italian Master ―― Charmside & Victor Marshall ― & many more. ― The sea was not bad, & I could dine decently: but afterwards ― i.e. about 7 ― we found all the deck covered with a close awning, as they forboded rain ― no pleasant change, for every space (as well as below,) was crowded. C., V., & I sate & talked & sang till 10 ― & then I lay down & slept on the ground, while C. went down. But at 11 a frightful storm ― lightning, thunder, blackness & pouring rain, squalled dawn,  & they tore away the awning as it impeded the progress of the vessel, so that we were left in the rain. I grew very horridly ill ―& the cries & sufferings of the women were terrible. By degrees most were carried downstairs ― but good Victor M., who had staid up till the storm broke, ― covered with rugs, & had no choice but to suffer & remain.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]