A pouring wet day all day long.

Last packings & bill-payings. ―


2 lessons from poor little Λασκαράτος: ―

Went to Macbeans [πάλον], at 4½ ― but [gr.] was closed. ――― Called on P. Williams.

Returned, & then came Mr. & Mrs. Marshall, V. & J. ditto ― & the [μανιώθες] Charmside. Mrs. M. is really very odd: ― & I am not [φιλόσοφης] enough to know what is affectation, what natural in her ways. ――――

When they left I called  on P. Williams, ― & then on poor Isabella K. ― She told me of Lady Ruffles’s death, poor sad life.

I have done but little ― nay ― nothing to ease it: but I wished to do so, somewhat.  Yet I am unable, or think myself so, ― to do any good, unless I devote myself wholly to that especial point ― & from that I recoil.

Dined at home. All bills are paid ― & I shall leave 186 scudi at Macbean’s for the present. I would rather get away tomorrow if possible. Lady S. I hear is still here.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]