The same frightful thick glum fog scirocco, with drippy rain at times: wholly odious. ―

Greek ― 7 to 8. [gr.]

After that [gr.] ― & I worked hard at getting down boxes ― & I am arranging things to go off. At 12½ ― went to Macbeans: things got worse, & the Conφύσιον is great. They ― Mr. M., Col. & Mrs. G. ― all go on Wednesday. ― I returned to pack again all the afternoon. Dr. Hodgkinson & the Israelite called again, & I am sorry I could shew them nothing, for now all my carpets are up, & everything ― of sketches &c. ― packed. ― I sent letters to Miss Hornby, Windham, & F.L. begging him to stop the S. Review; wh. was held back & cut to day. ― Later I called on P.W. ― who sees things as I do: & thence walked with Col. Caldwell ― (who ditto ditto,) to Palazzo Braci, where I called, & sate a while with poor Isabella Knight. A sad, yet not unhappy life.

Came away to dine alone.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]