A very uncomfortable day ― but why?

Rose before 6. Gk. lesson ― 7 to 8.

Worked at a drawing of Masada for a Φοτογραφ ― by fits all day ― yet being very heavy ― slept frequently.

At 2 ― 3 ― Isabella Knight sent to me, to ask me to go there at 4½ ― to sign a paper.

At 3 I went to MacbeansWilliams & others: everything is unsettled & ugly.

At 4½ ― to Pal V. Braci &, with Mr. Stocker, the agent Chaplain ― signed, as witness, I.K.’s will. The Duchess of Sermoneta was there also. Poor good kind people. There are few have suffered as I.K. has, & yet have remained  good. ― C. & H. are at Frascati. ― After that called on Lady Carmichael, who to my surprise, told me Sophia is to be married on Monday ― to her cousin Reid of Ravells!!!

Lady C. was very nice. ― After that I walked with P. Williams ― 6 to 7. ――
Dined alone, & wrote to J.B. Harford.

XX9 14 in all

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]