Rose too late for Greek lesson. ― Outline Fairbairn Petra. And, after that ― worked on T. Baring’s Parnassus, ― not bad so far as it went ― yet by fits only ― sitting down, walking ― & sleeping at intervals, all day long. Before 11 ― Sandbach called ― & I sent, by his request, the Παντοκράτορα drawing to Mrs. S. ― He was going to Beresford, ― who, 2 days ago, told me ― ἐδῶ καὶ δύω ἡμέρας1 ― that he did not like that drawing: ― whether or not this had  aught to do with what followed I can’t tell, but certes, ― at 12 ― Giorgio brought back the drawing with a note from Mrs. S., ― certainly not declining it, but courtly=wise saying she don’t [sic] like it. ― Considering I have worked hard 4 days on a 9£ drawing ― it ain’t agreeable: ― & if I can, I shall sell it: if not, keep it. ―― Afterwards came Sir Winston Barron, & one Corbelis ― as handsome a fellow as I ever saw: ― both admired “my works” ― & Sir W.B. wished “one Capt Leyland could see & buy them!” One Captain Leyland in the Λαύρα Ἡγουμένιου Δωμάτιον – recurred εἰς τὴν [illegible] μου,2 & I said nothing. ―――

All day long ― thus & thus ― weary ― weary. ―― I never went out at all. Perhaps Miss Burney’s memories, which infinitely interest me, prevent my daily peripatetic misery somewhat ―: but health suffers. ― Meanwhile Giorgio is always not only thoroughly attentive, but observant & good to the extreme of duty & gratefulness. ―――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Two days ago (D. Harvey). []
  2. Monastery Abbot’s Room – recurred in my [illegible] (D. Harvey). []