X7 Rose late, sleeping only late.

Breakfast: Giorgio’s, & the Greek lessons. ―

Worked at the Bethlehem.

Col. Percy
Duke & Duchess Zagarolo
P. Williams.

At 1 Col. Percy ― Duke & Duchess Zagarolo. Duke stupid ― the foolish longnosed man  one has seen about Rome for 20 years past ― quite absurd. ― She, well dressed ― & intelligent: ― she said of Bassæ ― Jerusalem, & Masada, “― it is like youth, age, & Death ―: one is full of interest & life, the 2nd so full of matured matured greatness, ― the 3rd so lifeless.” ― wh. I thought not a bad concept.― But these visits bore me sadly. ― One from P. Williams did not; & he liked the Bassæ, wh. was pleasant. ―
Worked again till 5. ― Wrote Greek. ―

At 6 dined at Terry‘s ― the 2 Perkins’s, most agreable & delightful men ― Anglo Saxon Gentlemen: Page ― also agreable: Cranch ― ditto. Mason a youth: & Lehmann: all the dinner good & pleasant in all ways ― particularly. The evening passed very quickly, & it was 11 before I came home to poor sleepy Giorgio.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]