Woke ― uneasy & unwell. My sleep is not very bad, but on rising, I suffer from cold extremely. Yet I worked at the 21st drawing ― (Rachel’s tomb ―) off & on. At 12 or 1 C. & L. Knight came ― both uninteresting & nearly disagreable. Then I returned to work till 3½ ― when my cold & cough prevented further work. Whereon I went to Newbolt’s ― &, buying one of his drawings ― (3£) went with him to a wine-place near S. Agostino. Queer familiar brute of a Padrone!  ― walked part back with N. who talked of his family &c. After a short & sad walk on the Pincian, I dressed & went to C. Perkins’s. Mr. Storey ― Terry, & the elder P. ― The dinner was very pleasant ― & afterwards also: ― but, on joining the Ladies, some 2 or 3 score people came in & made a frightful oven. I was truly miserable, & got away as I could. I dislike this Roman life most acutely! Mustard Plaister & hot water.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]