As cold ― less wind though ― & foggy withal.

Wrote to Ann, B. Hunt, Clowes ― & others: & packed a bit. At 11 went to Hunt’s ― paid him 7.8.4. ― & took leave of him & Stephens: H.H. is going on now with his picture, Neville having paid him for the little landscape. There is much sad & miserable yet about the A.M. affairs. ― Omnibus ― to the City. Mrs. & Mrs. Bill & James Salton ― where I lunched. ― Then to W. Nevill ― & took leave of him & the 2 boys. ― Then to Paternoster Row & for other shoppings, & came home at 5. ― Dressed at 6.15 & back to Beadon’s. Mrs. B. has a son ― (the 3rd alive out of 18! in 17 years & a half!! ―) W.F.B. alone, talk of Capri. Afterwards of the 3 pictures, wh., as in the one other case in which I wrote to offer  a picture ― Popham, ― I regretted having offered. W.F.B.’s circumstances, ― & much else: which  I don’t write. Afterwards we had a long talk, & at 10 I came away. That is a kind good man indeed, & altogether I am not very sorry I wrote, since, through doing so, I have come to know so much good. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]