Fine & dry as ever ― but colder & colder. ― Coloured the last of the Jerusalem sketches, till 9.30. Breakfast ― H.H. is always cheerful & good ― poor boy: though he has a hard struggle of life: ― who would believe it to be so hard? Drew & wrote till 12.30. Then, (seeing H.H. & Egg at the door,) I walked across the Park, (cold!!) hastily, to 18 Chesham Place. Lunch with J.B.H.1 ― & 3 children: ― like W.N. he is sadly careless of their habits in small matters. He & I then walked to Seymour St., & afterwards, (meeting with George Clive (& Fraulein ?) on the way,)  to Tor Villa, where I shewed him various “verx of hart.” ― & then, I went with him half way back to his home. ― Good kind heart: ― but I am wrong in alluding to past days: I did so, more mio, by chance, & fear I hurt him. Whereby I was angry at my everlasting stupid self. Returned ― dressed, ― & at 6 to Cracke’s. Mr. Mrs. & M.A. Good old Mr. C. very unwell I thought: ― I cannot think he will be long here. ― Dinner pleasant, & Edward C. & Mr. Harness came in afterwards ― & the evening was comfortable. At 10.20 walked home. Bitterly cold. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Perhaps John Battersby Harford. []