Very fine all day ― colder: bright full moonlight. ―

Wrote till breakfast. ― Then, H.H. told me much of A.M. ― & of the “Locket” ― &, owing to letters coming from her & the Governess, (which I read ―) of his intention of sifting the whole thing. As it is, I fear, he is legally in a mess ― poor dear boy. ― He went out, & I worked at the Masada, (lunch with R.) till 4.30. Then called on Egg ― & talk about H.H. Then Buss [sic] to Seymour St. ― Ann there. Letters from Baring, Lady BethellMrs. HornbyCormek ― & Clowes ―: staid till nearly 6 ― & then left poor dear Ann in better spirits ― & I think in better health. Walked to Tor Villa. Letter from C. Fortescue: Johnny Hamilton is dead! ― C.F. wants me to go & dine with him ― but I could not ― as Dr. Rimbault is engaged to come. I wrote a letter to C.F., & then H.H. came ― & dinner ― & Dr. R. all at once. I had to dine very hastily ― but learned that the Locket story is all wrong: very sad this! ― H. went out ― & I sat with Dr. R. till 9.30 ―setting down ― “Come not when I am dead” ― on paper. Then I could not help going out to C.F. ― so I walked there, & found him at Brother’s, & had tea with him at St. James Place. At 11 ― cab back to Tor Villa, & found poor H. alone. ― He told me much, I read a long journal of the whole of this sad affair: ―

It must now be one o’clock.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]