Cloudy early. ― Breakfast at 8. At 9.30 ― H.H. & I walked out, & then to Regents Park, & to Woolner’s. That youth’s room is very bright & good, like himself. We went to the study, & then saw Rajah Brooke’s boat ― one of the finest human heads I know. Maurice’s ― not so pleasing. Eddy Lushington ― poor dear little angel Eddy ― & 4 bassi rilievi;  ― all, as far as I can judge, parts of a genesis. W. Rossetti came in: & we all staid & talked. H. went & R. & at 12.20 ― W. & J. ― & then I, alone, ― all of the church-leaving crowded roads to Woodberry. Day lovely. ― Here were W. ― the 2 eldest boys, & Mr. [Melmond]. Dinner would have been pleasant, had it not been for Mary & Guy, who ask for everything & have what they ask. After a walk in the sunny garden ― (the 2 boys are improving.) & desert, ― W. & I came away at 4.30. ― He told me that there was no further possibility of of C.I. & himself marrying ― &, from what he told me, only a part ― I cannot blame him. He seems to think of M.A.C. ― but I doubt [that] doing well. At Holloway he returned, & I, having looked at old Bowman’s Lodge, & its Limes ― came by Busses to Albany St., & to Cavendish Square, & so to Seymour St. ― to wash hands. Whence in cab to 18 Chesham St., hoping to dine ― but they had dined, & were all going to church. Amelia Bunsen there. ― Cab to Crake’s ― & pleasant dinner. Afterwards, Mrs. Harness & E.C. came in. ―

Walked home by 11.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]