Gray fine morning. I should like to go to Gage’s, Inge’s, Carson’s, Mabott’s ― & Worthing all at once. “Mais, c’n’est pas possible!” So, prayers & breakfast over, I walked to Mulling. Quiet green of place: detached figs few ― yet better than I had yet seen. ― Then to Mrs. Croft’s ― where were others, but still only passable. Then, back to Lewes, & to Mr. Mabbot’s ―: a kind nice old gentleman. At 11.20 to Brighton. 5 ladies, who all said thank you when I helped them out of the carriage. On to Worthing ― disagreeable woman who said ― “No! I’ll help myself!” ― Fly to Tarring ― quiet village ― Mr. Peachy ― Mr. P. out, obliging daughters. ― Magnificent fig trees! ― search prolonging. Thomas a Becket’s fig gardens. Mr. Staunton’s rooms ― & figs also. Said I would come tomorrow. ― Walked to Worthing. “Mrs. Whitters” [for] I called then. Mr. W. long-faced, uninteresting, quiet. Mrs. Rolle ― widow of Col. R.!! ― talk & talk of Woolwich, Bovisand, & all Hornbys. ― At 2.30 ― Mrs. W., & Mrs. R. came to the rail with me. More agreable women. Brighton at 3 & cab to 18 New Steyne. Madeleine C. playing alone! Then Helen[a]! poor children! Later, Mr. C. A good deal of talk ― sad enough. ― At 11.30 Mr. C. went up to the rail with me. Excited & unhinged ―: he wishing to stay here ― they to go. ― Alas! ―

Rail to Lewes. Dinner & pleasant evening with B.H.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]