Did not rise till 7½. All was clear & lovely after the storm.

Gussy & I at breakfast only. Her sight is failing ― somehow. ― Then Lady B. A good deal of talk. R.B. evidently goes on as usual: & his wife is Italianized. ― After G. went, Lady B.’s account of Carslake, Skinner, & others: & latterly of “Craven;” she seems more to the point. ― I penned out till 12 ― when Lady B. G. & I walked thro’ the park to “Mrs. Rainbird’s” ― & a timber yard: ― very lovely morning. ――

Returning, we found “Mrs. Marx, Mrs. Smith & her daughter:” the first a very nice old lady indeed. I found, from casual talk with her, that Mr. Jervoise, the next neighbour here, is no other than “William Frank Ellis” ― of 1837 (Como, & Rome to with,) who married Mary Nington ―: since, changing name for fortune, & remarried to Miss Marx. ― After Lunch, all the ladies went. Lady B. & Gussy’s account of the said Ellis agree with my early thoughts of him. I drew on till 5. Then walked. Long long long shades! across gold green sands! ― Rocks! ― vast beaches! ― Long alleys of high & close green walls! ― & the nearly full moon. ― At 6½ I came in & dressed. At dinner, only Gussy & Slingsby. ― Lady B. coming late. ― (much undesirable in cookery & wine.) ― Evening. I penned out, S. G. & I talking at times. ―

Up to 11 o’clock.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]