Misty. Rose at 6. Breakfast 7. Off 7½. Rail 8. ― London ― 10. An American, (the Doctor of the child) & one more, a Southampton man ― very amusing. Chinese drawings &c. Left drawing to mount with Farrant, & home. Letters from Ann, Mrs. Edwards, C.F. B. Hunt Boyd. Lady J. Proby. PonsonbyChurch ― & wrote to many, & then set to work on Barnes’s Jerusalem & worked till 1 or 2. Lunch. Letter from Oliver Frith. ― At 3 walked to Pall Mall, & to the parental Boyds at 6 Victoria Sqr. ― sad little boy: vague people. Boyd & Mrs. B. out. ― Then went to Lord Carysfort’s ― but poor Proby was too ill to see me. Coming thence, lo! Earl Somers ― he seems excited, disappointed ― & not improved: less heart ― more helter skelter. Went to Grosvenor Place, & saw some of his drawings of Athos, really exceedingly fine ― also Assos ― & the Barberini villa. He “wants to go to [Iωnis]―” & a hundred other places. Is building house &c. I walked to Newman’s with him, & to Pall Mall. It is curious that a man with such ability should do so little in public life! He has bad theories about India: & slashing ones of Ionia. ― At 7 I came home very tired, to dine.

Polisse man rings, & wakes me after Midnight ― window left open.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]