Rose early ― & looked in vain for the Jerusalem design. ― Breakfast. Letters ― one from F.L. about the Oxford professorship. & one, returned from Beirut: this had told me all his views of going away, & had contained many true & kind words. Poor dear F.: I wish his life were brighter: yet it is good: ― & what more should we desire? Letter also from Lucy Franvill, & one returned from Jerusalem of C.F. Wrote to F.L., Ann, C.M.C. ― & C.F. Went to Foord’s & to Farrant, Quarritch  & Bickers,1 at Foord’s again, where, unpacking the big case, out came the drawing. ― Home: repacked. Lunch: ― & at 2¼ ― off to rail. At 3 ― rail straightaway to Basingstoke: close, hot, crowded carriage: headache. Fly to Hackwood2 all out. ― Nasty dogs. ― Walked to the great trees & placid lawns: much of sweet loveliness, yet I hardly “give way” now to the tenderness of delight in Landscape in fine evening ― for fear of Morbidness.

At 6 Lady & Gussy Bethell came. Lady B. looking very ill. After G. was gone out of the room, she told me what seemed to me most dreadful ―: sad ― sad ― sad. Indeed I pitied her strongly & deeply.

Yet she wishes R.  to be a peer ― I fully see.

Sir R. went to him yesterday only!

Both Lady Β. & G. semi dined with me ― & in the evening G. played ― much improved, ― but poor thing ― she seems to be becoming fully blind with one eye: ― & Lady B. made portions of a Bazaar for a school, & I penned out ― so till 10½. Verily ― riches are not always happiness.

Thunder storm.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Both Quaritch and Bickers were publishers, though not together, so perhaps Lear went to propose publication of his Tennyson arrangements. []
  2. Hackwood Park, south of Basingstoke. []