The wind increased at night, & I could sleep but little. And the prospect of being kept here was odious. ― At 5, however, I found that the steamer had come in ― & the wind had gone down. So I rose, & repacked up all, & after breakfast moved off. ― The “Malta Hotel” is really better than I had been told to expect: the people very obliging, & the table more than ordinarily good. ― For myself, G. & A. they charged 14/ in all ― which I did not think extravagant. ― There was far less hustle in getting out of  than in getting in to Jaffa ― & even the Egress of the “port” was milder. ― The F. steamer “Porrysthames” ― was of a kind new to me, a long & narrow screw ― with dining room above deck, & a walking place above that ― American wise I imagine. ― All very bright & clear & pretty ― only the rolling movement was horrible. We rolled about all day ― the American Lady, & the Polish Prince coming before we started at 3.30. Jaffa soon faded away ― but only the long long long line of Judœan hills broke the blue of sea & sky. ― Dinner ― & exceedingly good ― at 5. ― ― Evening & night very long ― & torturing. ― I did not lie down till 12.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]