Rose at 5¼ ― but at 6 ― ό διδάσκαλος didn’t come, ― so, after having looked into a lot of words ― I grew uneasy. ― After breakfast & hearing Giorgio read, ― pasting the “cartoon (!)” of the Corfu picture. But I had somehow resolved to go to Sta Deca1 to draw a bit of rock with Mt. S. Giorgio beyond, so at 11½ ― I could not get out before ― off I set. ― What lots of Turkeys come in at this time. There were some clouds today ― but it was very bright, ― & ice was in all the ditches. A pull up to Sta Deca, & after that I lost my way & had a particularly tough haul up to the place I was bound to. ― There, coming about 1½ ― or 2 ― I drew about 2 or 2½  hours ― when it grew cold, & I came down, walking hard & stoplessly to town ― by 6½ ― or so. Bright stars. Dinner, & Melchisedek’s pipe. I read a great deal of Grote ― about Socrates & some Plato ―.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Previously published in Lear 1988, 117.]

  1. Aghii Deka. []