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The tragical life and death of
Caius Marius - Esqre

The tragical life and death of
Caius Marius - Esqre
late her Majesty's Consul=general
in the Roman states: illustrated
from authentic sauces — by
Edward Lear.
East Sheen. — Oct. 30th. 1841. —

N<sup>o</sup>. 1
No. 1. —

Caius Marius with his poor and illiterate parents —.....
.....Caius Marius Esqre Senior, & Mrs Fulcinia Marius.

N<sup>o</sup>. 2

No. 2.

Caius Marius a shepherd
in the mountains of Arpinum.


No. 3

Caius Marius becomes a soldier.

No. 4

Caius Marius distinguishes himself particularly at the siege of Numantia.

No. 5.

Caius Marius returns to Rome and marries Miss Julia Cæsar.

N. 6.

Caius Marius canvasses for the Consulship & is elected.

No. 7.

Caius Marius defeats the Teutones & is made Consul a second — third & fourth time.

No. 8.

Caius Marius conquers the Cimbri, & is made Consul for the 5th. & 6th. time.

No. 9.

Caius Marius, having quarrelled with Mr. Sylla, is obliged to fly from Rome.

No. 10.

Caius Marius goes to sea and is extremely sick.

No. 11.

Caius Marius & his Companions land, & are in great distress from hunger & doubt for several days.

Caius Marius & his Companions swim out to sea on the approach of the enemy.

No. 13.

Caius Marius, being again landed, is forsaken by his Companions. —

No. 14.

Caius Marius is concealed by the poor man under some rushes.

No. 15.

Caius Marius, not feeling himself comfortable, places himself in the Marshes of Minturnum, all among the bullfrogs. —

No. 16.

Caius Marius is discovered and taken to prison.

No. 17.

Caius Marius alarms the slave who is sent to kill him.

No. 18.

Caius Marius is released & flies to Carthage — where he sits among the ruins for a Considerable period.

No. 19.

Caius Marius returns & lays siege to Rome, where he cuts off lots of his enemies' heads. —

No. 20.

Caius Marius becomes first Consul again.


Caius Marius gives way to drinking.


Caius Marius dies. —

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