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Nonsense Alphabet


A was an Area Arch
      Where washerwomen sat;
They made a lot of lovely starch
      To starch Papa's cravat.


B was a Bottle blue,
      Which was not very small;
Papa he filled it full of beer,
      And then he drank it all.



C was Papa's gray Cat,
      Who caught a squeaky Mouse
She pulled him by his twirly tail
      All about the house.


D was Papa's white Duck,
      Who had a curly tail;
One day it ate a great fat frog,
      Besides a leetle snail.



E was a little Egg,
      Upon the breakfast table;
Papa came in and ate it up,
      As fast as he was able.


F was a little Fish.
   Cook in the river took it,
Papa said, 'Cook! Cook! bring a dish!
   And, cook! be quick and cook it!'



G was Papa's new Gun;
      He put it in a box;
And then he went and bought a bun,
      And walked about the Docks.


H was Papa's new Hat;
      He wore it on his head;
Outside it was completely black,
      But inside it was red.



I was an Inkstand new,
      Papa he likes to use it;
He keeps it in his pocket now,
      For fear that he should lose it.


J was some Apple Jam,
      Of which Papa ate part,
But all the rest he took away,
      And stuffed into a tart.



K was a grreat new Kite;
      Papa he saw it fly
Above a thousand chimney pots,
      And all about the sky.


L was a fine new Lamp;
      but when the wick was lit,
Papa he said, 'This light ain't good!
      I cannot read a bit!'


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