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Twenty-Six Nonsense
Rhymes and Pictures


The Absolutely Abstemious Ass,
who resided in a Barrell, and only lived on
Soda Water and Pickled Cucumbers.


The Bountiful Beetle,
who always carried a Green Umbrella when it didn't rain,
and left it at home when it did.


The Comfortable Confidential Cow,
who sate in her Red Morocco Arm Chair and
toasted her own Bread at the parlour Fire.


The Dolomphious Duck,
who caught Spotted Frogs for her dinner
with a Runcible Spoon.


The Enthusiastic Elephant,
who ferried himself across the water with the
Kitchen Poker and a New pair of Ear-rings.


The fizzgiggious Fish,
who always walked about upon Stilts,
because he had no legs.


The Goodnatured Grey Gull,
who carried the Old Owl, and his Crimson Carpet-bag,
across the river, because he could not swim.


The Hasty Higgeldipiggledy Hen,
who went to market in a Blue Bonnet and Shawl,
and bought a Fish for her Supper.

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